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Start your morning right.

My friend Robert always finds powerful quotes to post on Facebook and with each post, he ends with the words; “Greetings, I love you”. Don’t you love that? Now can you imagine what would happen if you directed these words to yourself every morning? See! Each morning the first things you have on your mind […]

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Did you know that helping others helps you too?

  We live in a world where it has become a RIGHT to get something in return every time you help others. I am amazed by how people offer to pay for simple actions of kindness. For example giving them a ride home or just offering to help them with any other simple task.  What […]

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When your heart gets broken – A woman´s guide to healing a broken heart.

A long time ago when i was just a teenager, i saw one of my brothers completely heart broken when his then girlfriend decided to move on to someone else. Watching him in that state made made me wonder why grown ups could be so dramatic. I could not understand why my handsome tall brother […]

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Take a seat in the dark space.

  This time last year, i found myself telling a co worker that i was feeling a big shift coming my life. She asked me what kind of a shift i was talking about and i told her that it felt like my life was taking a completely different direction. I did not know how […]

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