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When your heart gets broken – A woman´s guide to healing a broken heart.

A long time ago when i was just a teenager, i saw one of my brothers completely heart broken when his then girlfriend decided to move on to someone else. Watching him in that state made made me wonder why grown ups could be so dramatic. I could not understand why my handsome tall brother […]

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Take a seat in the dark space.

  This time last year, i found myself telling a co worker that i was feeling a big shift coming my life. She asked me what kind of a shift i was talking about and i told her that it felt like my life was taking a completely different direction. I did not know how […]

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Guilt after asking for forgiveness?

In my work as a coach and in my interaction with people, i have learnt that a lot of people have a difficult time moving on after hurting someone, even when they have asked for an apology. I know from experience that it is easier said than done to ask for forgiveness and move on. […]

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Make Big Changes in Your Life – by making small changes in your life!

So you have a dream, you want to transform your life. Good for you! Now what? How do you actually get from where you are now – to where you want to be? Sometimes the distance between here and there just seems too huge to be able to cross. There is nothing wrong with that […]

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