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You´re it!

Did you know that i was not supposed to amount to anything? Nothing? Bure Kabisa like they say it in Swahili. I grew up in a place where a girl was supposed to behave in a certain way and dress in a certain way and those who did not were literally terrible people. I was […]

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If God is for you?

Did you know that one of the most common reasons why people are afraid to express who they really are is because they are afraid of  what others will say or think of them? Every time you see someone who has taken the courage to express themselves and be who they are; please take a […]

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Here is why i am not a ´get rich quick´kind of teacher.

I made a decision when i decided to be a coach and that is to be true and only teach what i believe. I have always known that i wanted to teach about life. I remember when i was a little girl growing up in Kenya, i would pray and ask God to talk to […]

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Going through a rough patch? Your life is not in vain.

I learnt from an early age that death is something that no one can avoid. I remember my very first encounter with losing a loved one was when a woman who worked for my father suddenly lost her life. To me as a child this came as a shock. I had just spoken to her […]

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