Hi there!

My name is Grace Todenes and i am an author and a certified coach/teacher in Authentic Success. I have to give credit for whom i am to God and then to my no nonsense grandmother, who knew how to love unconditionally and also how to turn into a lioness whenever she felt that her curb -which was me – was threatened. Given the choice, i believe my grandmother would have chosen to live longer than normal so that she could keep protecting me. But that is not the way it worked because when she hit over 100yrs, God said “Come on lady! Your time with me has come“.

I always say that life came when grandma left. The reason for this is because whenever i encountered difficult situations, i did not have my grandma to run to and so i had to figure things out on my own. So life took advantage of grandma´s absence and hit me hard! Heartbreaks, depressions and suicidal thoughts all came knocking at my door. That is when i discovered that since i had no one to run to; i had to turn around, look my challenges in the face and figure out how to overcome them.

I did learn to overcome my challenges and i could not keep my mouth shut about what i had discovered. That is when my friend – who was probably tired of hearing me go on and on about how to overcome challenges by facing them – asked me to do courses because she felt that the skills that i had used could be beneficial to others. I followed that advice and started teaching small groups in my little apartment. 10 yrs later, the rest is simply a blessed history!

I am not a get rich quick! kind of teacher. But i am the kind of teacher who believes that with the proper attitude and state of mind, each and every person has the ability to change their lives. Although i am a Christian; this is a place for everybody. So! no matter where you come from or what you believe, this is your place too. We are one people, in this planet together and that makes us family!


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