Going through a rough patch? Your life is not in vain.

nature-669592_640I learnt from an early age that death is something that no one can avoid. I remember my very first encounter with losing a loved one was when a woman who worked for my father suddenly lost her life. To me as a child this came as a shock. I had just spoken to her the day before and for me to come home from school only to find out that she was gone was unreal. Since then people i knew and loved have passed. Most of them at a time when i never thought it would happen.

It has came to a point in my life where i learnt that i have to accept death as part of life. Too many people had died unexpectedly and in order for me to move on i knew that acceptance was the only way. A lot of people have asked me how i have been able to move on after losing so many loved ones and my answer to them is that i had to change the way i think about death. I had to understand and accept that every life has an end.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Given this fact; it is important to not only appreciate life, but also bring good through your life. One thing i can assure you is that you are here for a reason.Its is God´s intention that you are alive and you are not alive by accident. I know that in life times can be hard and it can get to the point where you question your presence. You may not understand it now, but just being alive should be reason enough to have faith in your being. I love a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says “when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. Whatever it is that you may be going through, just hang on and the reason for your being will reveal itself to you.

woman-570883_640Whatever it is that you may be going through, just hang on, and the reason for your being will reveal itself.


Take a look back and have a look at the things that you have been able to overcome. It is easy to forget your strength when you are going through a rough patch and the best reminder of how strong you are comes in the form of reminding yourself of your triumphs. There is strength within yourself and it comes forward once you once you recognize it.

Sometimes the best that can keep a person going is knowing that there are better things to look forward to in the feature. This is healthy because although the best you can do is remain on the present moment, focusing on the feature gives you hope that you can live through another moment. Research has shown that most people who commit suicide are those who see no feature, or anything to live for. So focus on the feature and remain hopeful that better things are in the horizon.

Life is a teacher and it brings wisdom through every encounter. We learn and grow as human beings through everything that we have been through, be it good or bad. Therefore although times may be hard, take a moment and try to figure out what life is trying to tell you. Brendon Buchard who is one of my greatest teachers said that his willingness to push on through hard times came when he saw his girlfriend crawl into a bed that was covered in unpaid bills. It was during that moment that he found out that he had to find a way to get out of the financial crisis that he was facing. Another great teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say that his writing and motivational speaking career picked up when he was able to forgive his father after years of anger and resentment towards him. My point is; everyone has that one moment that became the turning point in their lives. Things may be looking really bad for you right now, but i know from experience that it gets better. Your life is not in vain, you have the mechanism to turn your life around. Who knows; change may be around the corner!




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