Here is why i am not a ´get rich quick´kind of teacher.

forward-412761_640I made a decision when i decided to be a coach and that is to be true and only teach what i believe. I have always known that i wanted to teach about life. I remember when i was a little girl growing up in Kenya, i would pray and ask God to talk to me so that i could teach what he told me. I don’t know why, but for some reason i just wanted to teach about how to live a better life. My dream did come true and since embarking on this journey i know the value of being myself and teaching what i believe. Ever wonder why i say that i am not a get rich quick kind of teacher? here´s why.


I don’t know how to make people rich in an instant

I only teach what i know and one thing i don’t know is how to make people rich fast! Yes i teach about success, how to attract money and how to get what you wish in your life. Although I do believe that each and every person has the ability to achieve whatever it is that they put their minds into, it is important to remember that the rate at which all this can be achieved is individual. Success takes discipline, planning, work, knowledge…etc. Some people already have that in them and some need time.


I don’t believe in it

In order for me to teach something i have to believe in it. I don’t believe in any kind of quick fix. Every journey has its divine pace, yet people ruin their chances by trying to make it go faster than it is intended. Every journey has its divine pace because it is God´s intention to prepare you for your desired destination. Always remember this and be patient as you allow God to get you ready.


download-1013981_640Every journey has it´s divine pace, don’t ruin yours by trying to make it go faster than it is intended.



This mindset will only get you focused on the end result instead of the purpose

I know that when you are facing a challenging time, you want change fast. I know from experience what it feels like to have a dream and feel like it is not coming true fast enough. I was frustrated and i remember crying of frustration. Nothing was working, i could not find someone to design my blog (it was a lot harder 10 years ago than it is today) and basically everything else i tried seemed to fail. One day; in the morning hours, i prayed in frustration and i said in my prayer that all that i wanted was to help people achieve a life that they deserved. The frustration that i was feeling had humbled me and i was entirely focused on the purpose of my dream to become a life coach and not on what i was going to earn from doing it.

Sometimes when you are promised to get something fast; the focus moves from the purpose to the outcome. If you are dreaming of achieving something, you must be focused on why you are doing it and the steps that are required in order to get there. Stay in the present as you work for your dreams and the results will come when the time is right.

There is a purpose for you and once you look for it, it will walk towards you. God intended life to be a journey full of success no matter how many bumps you may encounter along the road. Trust yourself and remember that once you put your mind into something, you have the ability to achieve it. At your own pace!


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