If God is for you?

woman-687560_640Did you know that one of the most common reasons why people are afraid to express who they really are is because they are afraid of  what others will say or think of them? Every time you see someone who has taken the courage to express themselves and be who they are; please take a moment and acknowledge them, because i can tell you from experience that it is not easy.

As human beings we grow through the approval of others. We love to get positive feedback in order to keep thriving. The reason for this is because positive feedback and approval from others serve as a declaration of the fact that you are on the right path. Although this is normal, it is important to remember that not all approval is necessarily positive approval. People will agree with you based on what they believe and so be ware of the fact that although you might be on the right path; you might get a negative feedback from a person who does not believe in your path.

This is why it is extremely important to know how to follow your path and become who God intended you to be, with or without the approval of others. This is evident in the stories of many successful people who have shared their stories about how they became successful. I have a perfect example of a man i coached. He wanted to leave his job in order to become a fisherman and having talked to him for a while, i knew that he was passionate about it. he had a plan of keeping his job for another 3 months in order to save enough income, he had a boat already, an accountant and he even knew what kind of sea food he wanted to fish. As i worked with this man it became clear to me that not only did he have the potential to become a successful fisherman; he had it in him because he had done it since he was a child. Now! this looks easy; but the hardest part was getting this man the support of his family. Everyone in his family thought that it would be best for him to stay on his well paying job instead of starting his own fishing business.


woman-591576_640It is important to remember that your calling is between you and God.


Despite all the skepticism from his family, he started his business and it only took a few months for everyone to see that this was a success story waiting to be told. Since starting on his journey, the man is today happy and successful. When he made the front page of the newspaper, the headline was about his courage and the far that courage has taken him.

When you have a burning desire to be who you wish to be, it is important to remember that this is your calling and not anyone else´s. It is between you and God and although it is scary it is important to remember one fact; If God is for you, who can be against you? Take your step and make your move because the best is yet to come! God bless you so very much!


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