You´re it!

colorful-1844727_640Did you know that i was not supposed to amount to anything? Nothing? Bure Kabisa like they say it in Swahili. I grew up in a place where a girl was supposed to behave in a certain way and dress in a certain way and those who did not were literally terrible people. I was one of those terrible people and the reason for this is because my personality was the complete opposite of what was expected of me. I had to be in my 30s in order to erase everything i had been told about myself and truly believe that i good enough and complete in the eyes of God. Up until then, i thought that i was not good enough and did not really deserve anything good in life. But i have had to take a good look at my life and remind myself that i am it and i am going to live as such.

People are very quick to judge and they believe that what they say about you is your destiny. If you feel judged and belittled, just remember that people have opinions and nothing can change that. People judge others based on their belief system. Now that belief system does not necessarily mean that it is correct. Therefore never let anyone´s judgement be the breaks between you and your true self. Don’t believe in what others say about you, but rather focus on being your highest self because i can tell you from experience that if i was to go in the direction that was predicted for me, i would be dead. The fact that i am seating here doing what i believe is my way of serving God is a true testimony that i am here not by the will of others but by the will of God.

man-894182_640Take a look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are It! All of it!

It cannot be emphasized enough just how perfect you are in the eyes of God. You are it, all of it! Take a look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself “i am it, just like God intended” You can never change what people say about you, but you can change what you say about yourself. That is what matters! If you think of it, people who have a negative opinion about others always do so no matter how good an act it is. You could donate your kidney and they would still have a negative opinion about that too.

The road to success begins with the self. Whom do you think you are? Not whom do you think your neighbor thinks you are. The reason for this is because this is your journey. This is your door to knock on and your pathway to your own growth. No matter who you are, where you come from or whatever mistakes you have made; in God´s eyes, you are it.

One of my favorite poems was written by Hafiz, a beloved poet of Persia who is believed to have lived between c. 1320-1329. The poem is called You´re It! I love this poem and i hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me. God bless you!




As a myriad things and

Playing a game of tug

He kissed you and said

“You´re it-

I mean you´re really IT!”


It does not matter

What you believe or feel

For something wonderful,

Major-laegue Wonderful

Is someday going



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